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High Blend Biodiesel

State-of-the-art technologies allow Argent Fuels to offer a range of high blend biodiesel, ranging from 10 percent right up to 100 percent, and everything in between.

The ever-evolving processes utilised by Argent allow us to offer a range of high-blend biodiesel, ranging from 10 percent (B10), right up to 100 percent (B100), and everything in between. This means that we can help our customers significantly reduce their carbon footprint immediately by simply introducing a drop-in replacement fuel (up to B30) with no need to modify vehicles.

By switching to a B30 high blend (30 percent biodiesel and 70 percent fossil fuel), a vehicle operator can save up to 28% of their well-to-wheels greenhouse gas emissions.

High Blend Biodiesel

About High Blend Biodiesel

Under the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive (RED II), oil companies and fuel suppliers are obligated to use a proportion of biofuels in both their gasoline and diesel supplied to end users. This includes service stations, the bus and coach sector, logistics companies and fuel for non-road use such as construction or agriculture. The proportion is set to increase up to 2030 and beyond gradually. The current amount of biofuel in diesel typically supplied to these sectors is up to seven percent (commonly known as B7). Argent Fuels’ vision is to help reduce the world’s carbon footprint and we do this by supplying even higher blends such as B20 and B30 to companies that currently power their fleet by using conventional low-blend fossil fuel.

High Blend Biodiesel

Drop-In Replacement: Effortless Reduction in your Carbon Footprint

High blends of up to 30% bio content, with the remainder being ULSD, works as normal in your existing infrastructure. This means you will receive all the benefits of biofuels, without the need to make vehicle or tank modifications. Using high blends helps to maintain tank cleanliness due to the surfactant characteristics within biodiesel, however it is worth having tanks cleaned prior to switching fuels.

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High Blend Biodiesel

Biodiesel Specifications

View the technical data specifications of European fuel specifications and our biodiesel blends here.

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High Blend Biodiesel

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