All metal tanks are susceptible to corrosion and ULSD tanks are no exception. If fuel has been stored for a number of years, it is highly likely that the inside of the tank has a level of corrosion, as well as harbouring other contaminants. 

If vehicle refuelling takes place soon after a delivery, especially if the fuel level was low, it is possible for the build-up on the bottom of the tank to be disturbed and find its way into the vehicle’s fuel filters and potentially cause a blockage. 

One of the benefits of moving to High Blend Fuel is that Biodiesel is a detergent, which means that any residual contamination within the fuel tank and connected system will be removed over time.

Maximise your fuel system’s longevity and vehicle health

To ensure our customers get the most out of their fuel, and do not encounter any operational issues, Argent Fuels recommends that fuel tanks are periodically cleaned and any existing fuel is ‘polished’ before going back into the fuel system. Both these services are available via the Argent Fuel engineering team, and the whole process can be managed on your behalf to ensure little or no disruption to your operations.

Even without moving to a high blend, it is good practice to clean diesel tanks every few years to increase the longevity of the facility and remove the potential of vehicle breakdown through fuel starvation.

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