Unlock the Power of Tank Cleaning

Could your fleet be operating more efficiently? The answer might lie in an unexpected place – your fuel tanks. Regular tank cleaning is crucial for effective fleet management and should be a standard part of maintenance. With a track record of cleaning over 1,000 tanks and being trusted by leading UK fleet operators, Argent Fuels provides comprehensive tank cleaning services, ensuring optimal performance for all fuel types, including biodiesel.

The Importance of Tank Cleaning:

Tank cleaning should be more than a routine; it should be a strategic investment in your fleet’s efficiency and longevity. No matter what fuel you use, we recommend cleaning your tank every 3-5 years to keep your operations in top form. This will increase the longevity and remove the potential of vehicle breakdown through fuel starvation.

The Benefits of Tank Cleaning:

Maximise Fuel System Longevity and Vehicle Health:

Every metal tank, including ULSD tanks, is susceptible to corrosion. The storage of fuel over time can result in corrosion and contamination, causing a decline in operational efficiency and potentially leading to the clogging of your vehicles’ fuel filters. In the image on the left, you can see the common contaminants settled at the bottom of a fuel tank. Regular tank cleaning is the solution and preventative step you can take.

High Blend Fuel and Biodiesel:

If you’re interested, transitioning on to High Blend Fuel brings the added benefit of using part biodiesel – a natural detergent. It gradually purifies your fuel system, ensuring peak performance. You can use High Blend Fuel to achieve huge CO₂ savings, with no need to modify vehicles and at little to no extra cost. Argent Fuels is one of the UK’s suppliers of blended fuel for your fleet, ranging from B10 to B100, and everything in between.

The Tank Cleaning Process:

  • Initial Site Visit: Before the tank cleaning, our experts perform a thorough site visit. They assess your needs, conduct risk assessments, and provide detailed method statements. Safety and efficiency are paramount.
  • Professional Tank Cleaning: On the cleaning day, our expert team works diligently to ensure a comprehensive tank cleaning process. Your tanks will be left in optimal condition, ready to enhance your fleet’s efficiency.
  • Transparent Waste Disposal: After the cleaning, you’ll receive a comprehensive report covering the tank clean and detailing the responsible disposal of waste materials. We’re committed to environmental sustainability.
Tank Cleaning and Fuel Polishing

Keep your tanks in tip top condition

Take a look at the cleaned interior of the tank on the right to get an idea of what professional tank cleaning services can do.

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