Save around 90% on your CO₂ emissions Sustainable fuel solutions for road, rail, marine and more Sustainable second generation biodiesel and biogenic fuels A Drop-In Replacement Fuel Reduce your CO₂ emissions by 27% today High Blend Fuel drives down your CO₂ emissions

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Argent Fuels is the UK’s leading sustainable biodiesel producer and fuel supplier. We supply waste-based biodiesel, high-blend fuel and biogenic fuels to help customers significantly reduce their carbon emissions and support their sustainability goals. Our knowledge of the industry, service excellence and ability to deliver across our customers’ needs make us a preferred supplier to businesses looking for an environmentally friendly and financially sustainable way to reduce their carbon footprint.  


Save around 90% on your CO₂ Greenhouse Gas emissions when using Argent’s biodiesel.


Argent’s biodiesel and biogenic fuels can be used across multiple transport sectors, including road, rail, marine and off road, as well as high energy intensive industries such as glass, ceramics, cement and more.

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Argent Fuels pioneered the large-scale commercial production of biodiesel in the UK and is now the country’s foremost sustainable biodiesel producer and fuel supplier.

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We specialise in producing clean, green fuel from waste resources that no longer serve a purpose and may otherwise have been discarded. We strive to reuse any waste oils or fats from the food and feed sectors and give them a new life.

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Customer Testimonials

“We’ve been working with Argent Fuels now for some time. The friendly staff have given us consistently competitive pricing. Vehicle performance has not changed and we have been very pleased with the product – so much so that we are now using a 30% mix (B30)”

Stewart Hymas, Alfred Hymas Ltd

“E&M Horsburgh have been a customer of Argent Fuels for some time, the staff are very friendly and the prices given on the B20 product is very competitive.”

Shona, Managing Director at E&M Horsborough Ltd
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