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The Argent Fuels Team

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Colin Duke

Head of Sales

Colin has more than 30 years of experience in the UK Commercial Fuels market, as well as working with distributors around the world. In line with Argent’s vision to help decarbonise the planet, his focus is on helping companies and organisations significantly reduce their carbon footprint through the introduction of high blend “drop-in replacement” road fuels, as well as the introduction of biogenic fuels to the rail, agricultural, marine and power generation sectors. Colin has also managed successful trials in challenging sectors (such as the glass industry) and has worked closely with The Zemo Partnership, championing the use of renewable fuels in all areas of the transport sector.

E: colin.duke@argentenergy.com

M: 07889416789

Nico Van Der Veen

Head of Blended Fuels

Nico has more than 35 years of extensive leadership skills and experience within blue-chip worldwide companies, operating in transport & logistics and waste recycling markets in Europe. In line with Argent’s vision to help decarbonise the planet and the urgency to do so, his focus is on introducing an instant solution to help companies significantly reduce their carbon footprint through the introduction of a high blend drop-in replacement fuel. In the fast-paced logistics and transport industry, where carbon regulations are complex and customers demand quick, competitive solutions, Nico is dedicated to assisting companies in initiating immediate action. His aim is to help them make a genuine impact on greenhouse gas savings right now.

E: nico.vanderveen@argentenergy.com

M: +31(0)611915410

Craig Cowman

Sales Manager

Craig has worked in the fuel industry for over 17 years and has a long and successful history of customer support and relationship management. Craig believes strongly in delivering first time for his customers and recognises that high levels of customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. Craig is fully aligned with Argent’s vision to drive down Co2 across all customer sectors.

E: craig.cowman@argentenergy.com

M: 07889418363

Jordan Roberts

Sales Manager

Jordan has quickly developed within the Argent Fuels team, offering clients advice & support with business-critical decisions in line with their goal to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Jordan specialises in customer relationship building and business development within the road transport sector, and has built up a wealth of knowledge that he uses to support companies in their quest to reduce their carbon footprint.

E: jordan.roberts@argentenergy.com

M: 07704341514

Laura Crimes

Account Manager

Laura joined the sales team in early 2022 and has quickly become a valued member of the team.  She is focused on new business and also providing excellent customer service to our existing customer base. Laura has over 20 years administrative experience – gained across a variety of industry sectors. She is now leveraging this experience to enhance Argent’s procedures and processes across the department.

E: laura.crimes@argentenergy.com

M: 07511178955

Ashley Davies

Account Manager

Argent welcomed Ashley to our sales team in late 2023. Bringing a wealth of experience in client support and account management, Ashley is a valuable addition to the dynamic team. His dedication to making a positive impact aligns seamlessly with Argent’s mission to create a better world. With enthusiasm and expertise, Ashley is poised to contribute significantly to our sales efforts, embodying the spirit of positive change that defines our company.

E: ashley.davies@argentenergy.com

James Bennett

Customer Support

James has worked for over 12 years in fuel-related recycling, and has a long history of automotive and plant management. With his attention to detail and excellent response times, James has successfully managed many programmes for our wide range of customers all over the UK. He likes nothing better than to use his experience to support clients in their mission to become more sustainable and enhance their ‘green credentials’.

E: james.bennett@argentenergy.com

M: 07860956829

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