Argent Fuels produces biodiesel at three locations across Europe; Motherwell, Stanlow and Amsterdam. We also have a storage and distribution terminal (Argent Oil Terminal), which is both ship and pipeline fed and is located at Ellesmere Port.

From Argent Oil Terminal (AOT) we deliver biodiesel, biofuel oil and high blend biodiesels all over the UK, utilising our dedicated fleet of fuel and lagged GP tankers. Argent also offers an ex-rack loading facility at AOT, from which our customers can collect product at a time that suits them.

Operational Excellence

Our loading facilities at AOT achieve in excess 95% gate to gate loading times under 30 minutes.

Fuel Telemetry Management

We offer an order free delivery system where Argent manage stock levels to ensure continuous operations and maximum efficiency for all our customers.

Terminal Automation System 

Automated systems that means loading and collecting from Argent Oil Terminal is a smooth process from beginning to end.

Weighbridge Integration 

This gives quick and accurate data relating to all loads originating from Argent Oil Terminal.

graphic of the UK and the Netherlands displaying Argent Fuels plant locations
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