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Biodiesel Alternatives


Whilst there is no ‘silver bullet’, there are a number of options available to help a fleet operator reduce their carbon emissions.  

Some of these may require new storage or vehicle modifications, whereas others are known as ‘drop-in-replacements’. Argent’s High Blend Biodiesel falls into the latter category and is therefore a simple and effective way to positively impact your carbon footprint without incurring significant up front costs. 

All of the renewable fuels available today have their part to play in reducing Greenhouse Gases. Below you will find a table explaining some of the benefits of each option as determined by Zemo, an independent advisor that works with various government departments to help reduce carbon emissions in road transport. 


One of the main benefits of Argents distilled biodiesel is that you can start decarbonising your operation today by simply transitioning on to a High Blend Biodiesel. This can be done with little or no modifications to existing infrastructure or vehicles, and at little or no extra cost.   

BiodieselHydrotreated Vegetable OilBiomethaneBiopropane
WTW GHG Emission Savings Range87% – 92%91% – 93%82% – 94%63% – 90%
Whole Life CostsCost improvement for some high blend supply chainsIncreaseCost improvements dependent on annual mileage and ownership periodCost improvements dependent on annual mileage and ownership period
Financial IncentiveBus Service Operators’ Grant (England and Scotland)NoneReduced fuel duty rate.
Bus Service Operators’ Grant (England and Scotland)
Reduced fuel duty rate
Vehicle Availability & CompatabilityManufacturers can warranty up to B20/B30. Some warranty B100 dependent upon approved vehicle conversionDrop-in fuel, warrantied by all manufacturersCNG and LNG vehicles availableLPG conversion warranties need to be applies for after conversion – no warranty implication for using Bio LPG
Fuel AvailabilityA number of suppliers UK wideLimited availability to several suppliers in the UKA number of suppliers UK wideLimited availability in the UK
Refuelling InfrastructureDepot-based onlyDepot-based onlyPublic refuelling stations and depot-based refuelling available.Public refuelling stations and depot-based refuelling available.
* WTW GHG emission ranges based on UK Government renewable fuel statistics data 2019 – 2020

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