The global marine industry is a sector which is gaining traction in its endeavours to decarbonise. Trials have taken place with a number of shipping companies using various biogenic fuels including Argents’ BFO (Bio Fuel Oil), and other trials are planned for Biodiesel.

Many operators have been used to and comfortable with powering their vessels with Heavy Fuel Oil (Fossil) meaning that the switch to using BFO or Biodiesel would be an easy one. Whether it is introduced as a high blend of BFO, Biodiesel with fossil fuel, or in its 100% purest form of Biodiesel, the potential for significant greenhouse gas reduction is immense.

The global marine industry and governments across the world are already making changes to legislation and approvals to encourage the use of biofuels in the marine sector and Argent is well placed to assist in that transition.

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