When discussing the quickest and simplest way for transport companies to reduce their carbon footprint, switching to high blend biodiesel is the obvious choice. This recommendation is also supported by the Government’s Committee for Climate Change and The Zemo Partnership. 

By using a drop-in replacement fuel – such as Argent’s B20 or B30 – that has a higher percentage of biodiesel than ordinary diesel, organisations can reduce their carbon footprint by up to 30%.

Argent Energy has been at the forefront of these developments for a decade, working closely with the transport sector on its journey to net zero. Bus companies such as Stagecoach and Metroline have benefitted from significant reductions in their emissions year after year, saving thousands of tonnes of CO2 by opting for Argent fuels. Other transport companies, such as Alfred Hymas Ltd and McGregor Logistics Ltd, have also moved from ordinary ULSD to Argent’s High Blend Biodiesel, benefitting from the significant CO2 savings offered by B30 Biodiesel. 

2 blue Alfred Hymas lorries with branded trailers
Case Study

Alfred Hymas Ltd

Find out more about how Alfred Hymas, a Yorkshire based haulage company, dramatically reduced the overall carbon footprint of the business with Argent

Red double-decker Metroline bus
Case Study


Since 2015 Metroline Travel, one of the largest public transport providers in London, have been working with Argent to reduce their CO2 output. Find out how much they saved.

lorry driving on road at sunset
5 minute read


Biodiesel has been around for a while, but little has been talked about the huge benefits high-blend biodiesel can bring to the transportation industry as an immediate solution to lowering emissions.

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