Renewable Fuel Solutions

Industries with a substantial share of their production costs tied to energy consumption, such as glass manufacturing, distilleries, cement production, and other vital sectors, have a unique responsibility to transition towards more sustainable energy sources. Every business must play a part in reducing its carbon footprint, but high-energy-intensive industries have an even greater role to play in achieving our collective environmental goals. Argent has already forged successful partnerships with several energy intensive industries, including some of the leading glass manufacturers.

Explore a Range of Biogenic Fuels  

High Energy Intensive businesses have witnessed remarkable success when experimenting with biogenic fuels. Many have experience of powering plants on Heavy Fuel Oil or Gas Oil in the past and are no strangers to the benefit of liquid fuels, especially when it can deliver such remarkable carbon savings. Argent produces its very own waste-based biodiesel and biofuel oil which bring significant environmental benefits when used as a sustainable alternative.

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Find out how Argent’s biodiesel helped leading glass manufacturer, ENCIRC achieve significant reductions in CO₂.

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