We are respectful and transparent towards our customers and suppliers, and pride ourselves on saying what we do and doing what we say. We use only certified waste as our feedstocks, thereby supporting decarbonisation and promoting a circular economy.
We are passionate about what we do, working collaboratively with all our stakeholders and help drive market changes through a solution oriented mindset.
We strive to convert the most difficult wastes into valuable fuels, whilst being innovative and enterprising. We use cutting-edge technology and champion new solutions. We partner with other companies and academia to drive our shared agendas through the development and deployment of innovative technology into real world environments.
We strive to empower anyone or any business which works with us or for us. We drive new solutions and think differently and hope this passion and empowerment influences others to do the same.
We nurture long term relationships both with our teams and partners, taking care of them to deliver better outcomes for all.
Thinking differently
We create new ways of working through collaboration with technological partners who share our commitment to innovation. Not only that, we want to work with people who listen to new ideas and solutions and find different ways to solve complex challenges.
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