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Biodiesel FAQs

What can Biodiesel be used for?

Biodiesel can be used in a range of applications, from road transport to rail, marine, commercial and industrial heating, as well as high energy intensive industries such as cement, glass, steel etc. Find out more on our Biodiesel Applications section.

What are the main benefits of using biodiesel?

Biodiesel is a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel. Advantages of biodiesel include: 

  • Huge savings of GHG emissions 
  • Roughly as biodegradable as sugar
  • Roughly as toxic as salt
  • Higher cetane value gives better, more thorough burn properties
  • Lower particulate emissions (no grey or black exhaust smoke)
  • Lower carbon monoxide emissions
  • Better fuel lubricity
  • Can be delivered direct to truck and bus fleet operators that operate back-to-base refuelling
  • Can be delivered direct to tank for all industries that have a high energy consumption and a desire to decarbonise
Can biodiesel be mixed with normal diesel?

If you need to refuel when on the road, there are no issues. Argent’s High Blend Fuel is totally mixable with ordinary ULSD, although you will not achieve GHG reduction. 

You can find out more on our High Blend Fuels page.

How well does biodiesel perform?

All products manufactured and sold to market have been through rigorous testing to ensure fuel quality adheres to UK and European Biodiesel standards.

What are the Greenhouse Gas savings from using biodiesel?

By using biodiesel as a replacement for fossil fuel you could achieve huge GHG savings and cut your net C02 emissions by up to 90%.

For example, an annual consumption of 3 million litres per annum moving onto B20 is the equivalent of taking 824 cars off the road with a carbon saving of over 1711mt of GHG per year.

To work out your potential GHG savings, use our carbon reduction calculator. 

Can you provide evidence of the sustainability of your biodiesel products?

Yes, Argent can provide evidence in the form of certificates awarded to us. There are numerous external audits that take place which confirm that Argent’s biodiesel meets the criteria set down in the respective certification schemes, including the requirements of the UK Department of Transport (RFTO), the Renewable Fuels Assurance Scheme or the sustainability schemes as defined by the European Union (ISCC-EU).

Argent’s sustainability certificates are available on the respective websites, or available on request. We encourage reaching out if you have specific requirements with regard to demonstrable GHG reduction, or novel and tailor-made sustainability requirements.

Is Biodiesel in blends compatible with diesel engines and the fuel supply infrastructure?

A blend level of up to 30% can be achieved with existing engines and fuel supply infrastructure with no modifications.

Are Argent’s biodiesel blends a drop-in replacement?

 Yes – you can start reducing your carbon footprint today.

Does waste-based Biodiesel work in all temperatures like standard diesel does?

All biodiesel blends with petroleum diesel fuel are required to meet the national standards in terms of low temperature operability requirements. All of Argent’s blended products meet these requirements and are therefore fit for use year-round.  While a B20 is suitable for year round use, at Argent we also have dynamic blend management where we can optimise higher blend levels of biodiesel to suit all operating conditions.

Is Biodiesel compatible with all engines and components?

Biodiesel has been used in UK produced diesel since 2006 and is regularly blended in all diesel up to 7%. Higher blend levels are also suitable for almost all engines and components. 

Is it a good idea to get my tank cleaned before using High Blend Fuel?

Argents biodiesel is a surfactant, meaning it acts as a detergent cleaning your fuel storage, vehicle fuel tank and fuel lines, because of this benefit we recommend that before transitioning to B20 and above, your fuel tank is cleaned as a matter of good housekeeping. No matter what fuel you use, Argent would recommend cleaning your tank every 5 years

How can I get my tank cleaned?

There are a number of service providers that offer tank cleaning. Argent offers, as part of its range of services, a fuel installation audit and tank cleaning package which is managed by Argent and carried out by approved suppliers.

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