Argent Fuels manufactures biodiesel of superior quality, which has inherent advantages over fossil-fuel-derived ULSD. We aim to provide our customers with the best economic and environmental value due to the high GHG savings available through our products.


All our biodiesel is made from waste fats and oils that have reached the end of their life. Using Argent’s sustainable second-generation biodiesel, you could cut your net C02 greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%.

By using biodiesel instead of fossil fuels, we avoid increasing the carbon on the planet’s surface and in the atmosphere. Instead, we utilise the carbon already in use on the planet’s surface. Being renewable means biofuel use does not add to the amount of carbon being recycled through the atmosphere, which means it does not increase the net amount of greenhouse gases (GHGs) affecting climate change.


Argent Fuels adds performance-enhancing additives that can overcome the challenges of using biodiesel/ULSD in road transport. All our products have been through rigorous testing to ensure fuel quality adheres to UK and European Biodiesel standards.


Argent Fuels (through Argent Energy) is the first biodiesel manufacturer to be accredited through the Zemo Renewable Fuel Assurance Scheme, this gives our customers complete confidence that our feedstocks are sourced in the most sustainable way possible and our finished products offer an accurate and transparent CO2 reduction. 

Argent Biodiesel

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Using waste-based biodiesel could cut your net C02 greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%.

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