Red double-decker Metroline bus

Metroline Travel, one of the largest public transport providers in London, has been challenged by Transport for London to reduce greenhouse gases across the full range of services provided to the capital.

In 2015, Metroline teamed up with Argent Fuels as its fuel supplier of choice. Argent Fuels was able to demonstrate that by using its range of high-quality distilled biodiesels, Metroline could significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

Since 2015, Metroline has been powering its fleet of buses using B20 high-blend biodiesel, which has saved thousands of tonnes of CO2 from being emitted into the UK’s atmosphere.

We are continuing to work with Metroline who now use B30 as well, saving even more greenhouse gases and helping to make our planet a safer place.

During 2020, Metroline saved 18,661 tonnes of CO2 or the equivalent of 9,015 cars off the road by using Argent’s High Blend Biodiesel. By further increasing the blend rate this increased to a Greenhouse Gas saving of 20,360 tonnes, or 9,835 cars off the road. Metroline continue to strive to reduce their carbon footprint and are aiming for even bigger reductions of CO2 in 2022.

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