RFAS Declarations supplied to Alfred Hymas

Argent Fuels visited Yorkshire-based haulage company, Alfred Hymas, to hand over their Renewable Fuels Assurance Scheme (RFAS) declarations.

Alfred Hymas Ltd have been using High Blend Biodiesel for some time now, and have seen a significant reduction in their carbon emissions. In 2022, the UK haulage company was able to reduce their CO₂ emissions by around 22%, all by increasing their biodiesel blend.

For their existing diesel engine fleet, they have successfully been using blends between B20 and B30 (30% biodiesel and 70% fossil fuel). In comparison to the industry standard of B7, 7% biodiesel, and 93% fossil fuel. In turn, the operator has been able to achieve a significant reduction in their overall carbon emissions. The High Blend Fuel supplied by Argent Fuels is mixed with Argent’s own sustainable second-generation biodiesel. This biodiesel is made entirely from certified wastes that can no longer be used for another purpose, ensuring a truly sustainable product.  

This RFAS declaration supplied gives specific details around the greenhouse gas (GHG) savings and verifies the supply of approved sustainable renewable fuels, from waste raw material collection to production and distribution. The RFAS is a supply chain managed by Zemo Partnership, this runs alongside the government’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation.

Over the last couple of years, Managing Director, Stewart Hymas, has been on a journey to decarbonise his haulage business through a number of initiatives. We are delighted to continue working with Alfred Hymas after they transitioned their heavy-duty vehicles to operate on high-blend biodiesel supplied by Argent Fuels.

Pictured: Craig Cowman from Argent Fuels with Stewart Hymas, Managing Director

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